Level 3 Certificate in Counselling (QCF) – Starting February 2016

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling (QCF)

The AIM Awards Level 3 Certificate in Counselling (QCF) aims to further develop the skills and knowledge gained at Level 2. This qualification enables learners to work towards becoming a reflective practitioner of counselling by considering theories of human development, self-awareness, supervision and issues of difference and diversity.

It also provides knowledge and understanding of the three main core theories and theorists that underpin counselling and addresses the nature of psychological problems and how they may be approached. The specialist skills and knowledge gained in this qualification will be applicable in a range of working contexts. It will enable learners to understand the need for a firm grasp of a coherent theoretical approach to counselling or supporting others. This is particularly important prior to starting work in a supervised placement if learners progresses to Level 4.

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